About Chris Jones – Photography

Chris Jones

My name is Chris Jones, and the purpose here is to specialize in digital download photography, with content coming from a vast array of personal experiences. Photography is a passion that has, until now, gone unrealized. If you see an image on here you’d like – please contact me at chrisjones591@roadrunner.com. This is a causal endeavor for the moment.

The occasional video or sound bite will pop up as well (drawing on my broadcasting background) therefore the name ‘Chris Jones Media’. If you need a voice for something, let me know – but that’s another venture.

I run two Internet Radio stations – HIGH ENERGY and FOR YOUR LOVE – both of which draw upon my extensive professional radio background. Please Enjoy.

This is also talk in our household of Guitar lessons – something I did a long time ago and want to re-visit.

Chris Jones Media is hosted by Renology.Net (That Website under construction). Have a Listen.

Please have a look at this.

I wear several hats, that of Transportation Consultant at a Chevrolet dealership, Website Administrator (Need a Commercial or Personal Website? – Listen to the audio above), Internet Radio Broadcaster, and I run a non-profit gaming website as a hobby.

EMAIL CHRIS JONES at chrisjones591@roadrunner.com