About Chris Jones – Photography

My name is Chris Jones, and my purpose here is to specialize in digital download photography, with content coming from a vast array of personal experiences. I have been a photography buff for many years; this is a passion that has, until now, gone unrealized. I am no longer content to simply upload images to social media websites.

The occasional video or sound bite may pop up as well (drawing on my broadcasting background) therefore the name ‘Chris Jones Media’.

This site is under construction, with a loose target launch date in Mid December 2014.

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I wear several hats, that of Transportation Consultant at a Chevrolet dealership, Website Administrator (Need a Commercial or Personal Website?), Internet Radio Broadcaster, and I run a non-profit gaming website as a hobby.

EMAIL CHRIS JONES at cj@chrisjonesgaming.net

Chris Jones, with one of many hats